Tko smo mi u svemiru, kamo idemo, koji je smisao života, jesu li teorije zavjere istinite, što bi mogao značiti vaš noćašnji san i je li to sve na rubu onostranog?
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Women are born with pain built in. It’s our physical destiny. Period pains, sore boobs, childbirth, you know. We carry it within ourselves throughout our lives. Men don’t. They have to seek it out. They invent all these gods and demons and things just so they can feel guilty about things, which is something we also do very well on our own. And then they create wars, so they can feel things and touch each other, and when there aren’t any wars they can play rugby. And we have it all going on in here, inside. We have pain on a cycle for years and years and years and then, just when you feel you are making peace with it all, what happens? The menopause comes. The f***ing menopause comes and it is the most most wonderful f***ing thing in the world! And, yes, your entire pelvic floor crumbles and you get f***ing hot and no-one cares, but then you’re free. No longer a slave, no longer a machine, with parts.
Fleabag, season 2 :D Naravno da rendom lezba ispadne najbolji lik u seriji u kojoj je bila 10 minuta lol
Ye ever wanty just wrap yersel up in tin foil nice and cosy and then just fucking get right inty the microwave and blow yersel up tae fuck

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